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I’m trying out a new 360 degree camera

Here’s a tour of 3700 Dean Drive #2410 in mid-town Ventura.  We just rented it.

The movie required editing, and then a lot of other post-data production  so that youtube shows the 360 degree views.

Like new technologies, its a little gee-whiz right now, and if you ask me, it isn’t quite as easy to make work as I thought.

The video quality is poor on this even though the camera shoots super-high quality videos.

But press the scroll button on the image picture.  You’ll see above, below, behind  and to the sides of the camera.  The camera somehow even takes its own picture.

There is no sound – still working on that – The images were filmed in super high quality, but the quality that was rendered to youtube is less than that. I also had to remove the titles because when they were rendered for youtube, they became fish-eye like.  Finally, please know the fish-eye lenses don’t help the beauty of the guy showing the property.

Here’s the goal: up our game and easily deliver  high quality branded videos to prospective home renters and home buyers.

Posted by: apmventura on October 16, 2018
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