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Proposition 10 will make California’s housing crisis worse – Please Vote No

Prop 10 will not do what they say it will.  Prop 10 is a wrong solution for a state that desperately needs to create more affordable housing and middle-class housing.

Affordable housing experts all oppose Prop 10 because it will make housing less available and less affordable!

Its even clear to both the major candidates for Governor:  the Republican candidate for Governor, John Cox, and the Democratic candidate for Governor Gavin Newsom both oppose Prop 10.

Prop 10 will result in even fewer rental housing units as many mom and pop owners will take their rental property off the market. Many affordable-housing builders will stop building affordable-housing.

Prop 10 will restrict what single-family homeowners can do with their property.
It could allow governments to charge homeowners to take the property off of the rental market.

Posted by: apmventura on October 1, 2018
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